LACMA: Stanley Kubrick Exhibit

I feel like such a bad denizen of Los Angeles because it took me this long to get to the limited edition Stanley Kubrick Exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA to the cool kids). It is only going through June 30th, so I grabbed Chris and Paul and we immersed ourselves in the genius that is Kubrick.

I don’t ever know how to describe/critique museum exhibits. It was inspiring to see the massive amount of research and passion that went into every project – including the ones that never saw the light of day, such as Aryan Papers. As I was discussing with Chris and Paul, it is exhibits like this, that in a way, make you feel terrible for ever wasting a second watching TV or putzing around; Kubrick was being paid for his photographs by age 16.

If you live in Los Angeles, I highly recommend you get to this exhibit before it is gone. Here are some iPhone photos, but they truly don’t do Kubrick justice.

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