éan candles

éan candles

Over the past month or so, my kitchen counter has become caked with layers of different colors and scents of wax. As someone who has worked with essential oils over the past five years or so (thank you, Lush!), I have always been interested in the aromatherapy. While I already use soaps and lotions and things of that ilk that are loaded with essential goodness, I have yet to find a candle that is created entirely with essential oils. Part of this is probably because essential oils are crazy expensive…but then, there are candles loaded with synthetic fragrance that cost $30 a pop, so I don’t quite understand why there isn’t a larger market.

Anyhoo. This is why I decided to start making my own candles. I am using only pure essential oils and a soy blend of wax to make some pretty groovy candles. Not to toot my own horn, but they smell pretty freaking amazing. I am calling my “brand” éan candles. “éan” means “bird” in Gaelic, and all of my candles have a theme, if you will, IE, the green mockingbird candle is full of lilac and gardenia and basil to help center yourself and come back to yourself instead of mimicking others like the mockingbird’s call.

So, no apologies, shameless self-promotion here. Feel free to check out my etsy shop. I am still in the process of making/listing more scents and candles, so keep your eyes peeled. I make all my candles to order so they are super fresh and lovely when they arrive at your door. And I promise I am barely making a profit off of these; essential oils are not cheap!

Take a look at the shop, admire the branding/artwork done by the lovely Laura over at Diary Sketches, and let me know what you think! Are there any scents that you would love to see (smell) in a candle? Let me know via the comments.

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