Lovely Things: An LA Etsy Wishlist

Sometimes, when I am fantasizing about the lush garden my Atwater Village/Silverlake house will have, the several dogs and cats my fantasy boyfriend and I will have, and the gorgeous sundresses I will wear while hosting a BBQ with all of our closest friends, I peruse LA-based Etsy shops and start designing this future fantasy life of mine. 

My mom always used to say that I have champagne taste but a beer wallet. While I don’t know if any of these finds fall into the Dom Perignon category of taste, they are out of my current disposable income range, which is dismal. Until I start making the boatloads of money I was told I would get with a college education, I will simply daydream about owning some of these things. 

1.Ceramic Hanging Planter with Yellow and White Macramé by lovebugkiko. 2. Microscopic, Original Abstract Acrylic Painting on Stretched Canvas by Emmy Rickard. 3. Crystal Quartz Necklace by TheCrystalCabinet. 4. Aloe & Cucumber Eye Gel Vegan Organic 0.5 oz. by naked eye beauty. 5. Hand block printed polka dot throw pillow by cute bright things. 6. Shirt Dress Vintage Brown Striped Boho Slouchy Indie Shirt Mini Dress by Enid & Edgar.

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