Nuart Theatre: The Rocky Horror Picture Show


Alright, I am going to admit something: before Saturday night, I had never been to a live show of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I KNOW! I am a terrible excuse of a film major. I had seen the film before, but never in a live setting. Our friend Josh was visiting from Chicago for the weekend and really wanted to do this, so we did.

I went in knowing a few things: there would be fishnets, toilet paper thrown, and anytime Brad Majors comes on screen you are supposed to yell “asshole!” What I didn’t know was that prior to the show, the cast and hardcore fans take all the “virgins” (IE, people like me who have not seen the show live), “deflower them” (see: form a giant circle around us and dry-humped us) and then they select a few lucky virgins to participate in a sort of scavenger hunt.

I was one of those lucky virgins.

And by “lucky,” I mean I asked a girl to take off her underwear for one portion of the scavenger hunt, I sucked/bit the shit out of my team member’s neck in order to give him the biggest hickey (sorry, Parker), and then, in a climatic ending to our deflowering/scavenger hunt, we had to make out with as many strangers as possible. When this was announced, me and the five other virgins kind of stood still for a moment but then the cast came up and cured any shyness we had.

All in all, an interesting Saturday night. The only photographic evidence I have of the night is this photo my friend Natalie took when I was trying to give my teammate the biggest hickey. I look like a hippy vampire.

Anybody else have some fun RHPS stories to tell? More importantly, this theatre, the Nuart, is playing motherfucking SPACE JAM this Friday…who’s coming with me?


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