Drake Relays 2013

This past weekend I was finally able to voyage back to Des Moines with other ex-Drake ladies to participate in Relays 2013.  It’s strange returning to a place you left for very specific reasons to find that everything is pretty much the same, like some twilight zone shit.  But it’s also comforting.  Being received by your best friends after being absent for so long as though you still fit perfectly in your place among (most) of them made me swell with happiness.

Saturday afternoon eight of us were crammed in a sedan 4-door, riding back to campus after getting tacos and margaritas.  Rihanna’s “We Found Love” was blasting, the windows were down, and my best friend Andrew held me in his lap.  With the familiar Des Moines houses going by I knew some people were uncomfortable, but I was surrounded by the ones I love and that had made me truly blissful.  I wish I was able to stay for just a bit longer.  But I’ll be back!


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