Oceanview Mines: A Trip to Pala, California

Remember last week after Joshua Tree I found a place to dig up crystals and was begging someone to go with me? Well, I am a lucky lady with good friends. My friend Colin was all for it, so we woke up at 8AM on Saturday to make the two hour trek to Pala, California, and spend four hours in the sun sifting through dirt.

While we didn’t exactly come back with hundreds of dollars worth of precious gems, I really did enjoy the experience. There was something really therapeutic and calming about filling up a bucket with dirt, sifting through it, and digging around for something with good clarity. We came back a little sunburnt (OK, maybe a little more than a little for Colin “I have man hair so I don’t need to sunscreen my legs” Hennessey) but a lot happier.

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