Joshua Tree National Park

I have been trying to go over in my head how to write about Joshua Tree National Park, but no words are really coming to mind. One of my best friends from back home came into town and he is a big bouldering/climbing/nature aficionado, so he suggested we take the trek to the Mojave Desert. All I have to say is, thank you, thank you, thank you, Alex.

Despite the mysticism (see: heavy drug use) that is often associated with Joshua Tree, we took in nature sans substance and I still felt high. I feel like I am slowly morphing into a sober sort of hippie, but after my experience on Saturday, I couldn’t be happier with that transformation. Alex was doing his thing, climbing some massive rock, and I opted to stay on the ground. I closed my eyes, felt the sun on my face, the gentle breeze. I felt clear. Happy. Connected.

It also didn’t hurt that we hit up this hippy dippy shop that had cheap crystals available for purchase. I only bought two, so I was proud of my restraint.

I am eager to plan my next excursion. Since I do have this crystal obsession, I found a site in Pala, California, that is set up just for visitors to mine for gems. GEM. MINING. So, if anyone is interested in going here with in the very near future (maybe even this weekend?) hit me up!

Enough rambling, time for photos.

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