Art Nerd: A.CE Show at Maxwell Colette Gallery in the East Village

Yesterday my friend Rachel and I headed to the East Village to check out the PLANET OF THE A.CE show at the Maxwell Colette Gallery.  A.CE is a London based street artist turning to the fine arts, combining pop culture images with iconic logos, personas, and architecture, the result image evoking notions of Pop art and Dadaism, or at least Dada collages.  He first got into the London street art scene doing wheat paste images inspired by the skateboard culture in the late 80s, early 90s.  Most of the work in the Maxwell Colette solo show, though, are acrylic paints on paper.  The show, which opened March 16th and goes to April 20th, marks A.CE’s first show in the United States.  The gallery itself focuses on the bleed between street art and high art that has been rapidly developing over the past few years, blurring the lines between the two cultures.   For both parties involved, then, this is an exciting moment and worth the visit.  A.CE’s work is bright, ambiguous, and yet strikingly familiar in terms of the individual images collaged.  They draw you in and challenge you to situate images you thought you knew in a broader context of the type of culture we live in.  There are still a couple of weeks left, so check it out if you get the chance!!  At least out A.CE’s work here and keep updated on cool shit going on at Maxwell Colette Gallery through their facebook page.

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