The Echo: Funky Sole

On Saturday, I went out with a few lovely people to The Echo for Funky Sole. If you meet someone at Funky Sole, you know they are worth hanging out with because this is one of my favorite nights in Echo Park. They play strictly funk, soul, and some disco, and it makes you dance like a mother.

One of my favorite parts aside from dancing myself is watching the B Boys that make me feel like I have no talent whatsoever. Usually it’s a little later in the night, but slowly, a circle will form on the smaller dance floor to the right of the entrance. It’s pretty fucking awesome because you have hardcore B Boys in there, stick thin nerdy white chicks trying out some new moves (and kicking ass) and the occasional entirely-too-drunk girl who looks more like she is trying to raise someone from the dead through ritual than dancing.

I wish my camera phone could do this night more justice, but alas, it cannot. I guess you’ll just have to go there and check it out yourself. Funky Sole is every other Saturday and is free before 11PM and only $5 after. Check that shit out.

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