Holy Shit: Spring Breakers

spring breakersLast night I went to the Arc Light in Hollywood with Paul to go see Harmony Korine’s latest film, Spring Breakers. I went in not only excited to see the movie, but also thought, “Hey, I could write about the Arc Light and it’s overpriced tickets, assigned seating, and too cool for school movie props they usually have on display.”

But no. I can’t focus on anything except fucking Spring Breakers.

Harmony Korine has a rather (and I hate myself for using this word) eclectic filmography. I couldn’t even watch his last film, Trash Humpers, all the way through. I got up from the couch and just simply couldn’t take anymore. Every film student will tell you that Julien, Donkey Boy is one of their favorite films (and for good reason) and I do think that Spring Breakers will be added to some of those people’s lists as well. I also think some people will fucking hate it.

I still can’t wrap my head entirely around it, and I don’t want to give too much away. It borderlines pornography: the open scene is pounding Skrillex and booze and tits, tits, tits. The entire film feels like a fever dream, switching views from handheld home movies, bizarre MTV Spring Break styled cinematography, and some very beautiful (but disturbing) slow motion moments. Certain lines and ideas are repeated and layered throughout the film, adding to the drug-induced, barely-coherent feel of it all. There is also a feeling of complete media over saturation, bouncing around from pop culture references to the four main girls telling themselves to “pretend it’s a video game,” when they are robbing restaurants and running around with semi-automatic rifles. It’s horrifying, but I couldn’t stop watching.

Again, I don’t want to give too much away or even give the inkling of a synopsis – just go see it. I will warn you, however, that there are certain moments that I think could be triggering. It’s hard to watch at moments. I laughed out loud at others. Most of the time I was just saying “Oh My God,” to Paul, though. Watch the trailer below:

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