Young Storytellers Foundation


For any of those who follow me on various other social media platforms, you will already know that I am a volunteer for the Young Storytellers Foundation. Every Wednesday, I go to Santa Monica Community Charter School, pair up with my young storyteller, and help them learn story structure and write their very own five page script in an eight week time span.

Today I am heading over to work with Robert, whose story (which I don’t want to spoil too much) involves a penguin and chimp race, freeze rays, and ice cream. We are actually starting the writing process today; prior to this, we did exercises involving elements of story, way too intense games of zip-zap-zop, and other trust building exercises. As any writer knows, the easiest way to crush the spirit of a writer is to doubt an idea. With Young Storytellers, every idea is a good idea. This is a mantra I have carried into my own writing, because as older writers know, your biggest critic is you.

SO. If you live in the LA area, I encourage you to get involved with YSF. It only takes up one hour a week for eight weeks, and then you’re done. That’s it. If you want to sign on for another session, great! But by no means are you required to. Outside of LA? Donate! I know money is tight for everyone, especially everyone reading this blog because let’s face it, you’re a friend of Erin’s or mine and you are getting paid minimum wage (if you’re lucky) and spend more nights with Netflix than in a bar. It’s rough. I know. But if you have a couple bucks to spare, I know karma will smile down on you.


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