WaxWorks at the Elbo Room

So Laura’s brother Frank plays in this sick bluesy-rock band called WaxWorks who were playing in a contest to win a spot at this year’s SXSW.  Laura herself couldn’t make it so her roomies, Steph and Amanda, and I made sure to help support the cause in her steed.  When we first arrived at the Elbo Room on Lincoln it was hoppin’ with semi-intoxicated parents bouncing around to their 14-year-old sons’ band, The Giving Moon.  They were good, ya know for only being 14 and 15. Give them a few years to develop their sound get more experience and they will be a solid rock show.

Anyway, after their crowd cleared out the small space filled with a buzz for Waxworks not just because, yeah, they brought in a lot of familial and peer support, but also because these guys put on a fucking good show.  I’ve seen them once before with Laura and prior to that show I also had certain associations with the term “my brother’s band,” ya know?  But I was proven the presumptuous asshole that night: Waxworks consistently create this raw and aggressive sound and energy that’s channeled through these four extremely talented men that brings you back to the classic rock gods while reinventing the sound with their blues-like riffs and a grungy growl.  And last night they gave the same, no probably more, powerful performance.

In the end it is a bit nonsense that these guys only got second.  But, hey, they’re super positive people and if you feel bad that you missed out on helping these wicked dudes getting to Austin, don’t! Check them out (on Facebook or bandcamp), support their music and the Chicago local music scene, and go to their next show.  Trust me, you’ll love it. Except that afterwards you’ll be so revved up from the performance you might not know what to do with all that energy.  Maybe run a mile, punch a bathroom stall wall, or squeeze every person around you in a tight embrace whether you know them or not. Just some suggestions.


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