Post Snowpocalypse in Lincoln Park

You were all probably laughing at me when I posted that Spring mix about a week ago, what with the severe snow storm that took place a couple of days ago. But have you been outside today? The sun is blindingly bright as to dash away any doubt we had in it; the snow is melting but not at that “ew gross this slush is the uglier than all of the cigarette butts in the grass” sort of way; and it’s actual warm. Like whistle as you walk to class and obnoxiously take photos the whole time sort of warm. In a “I’m going to wear a windbreaker” sort of warm. In a “fuck all you haters, I TOLD you Spring was going to show it’s beautiful face sometime soon!”  I hope all you Chicago folk are cherishing this weather, and if you’re not in Chicago then here are some photos to brighten your day.


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