Sunday Brunch: Kanela Breakfast Club in Lakeview

Back when I was in high school my dad and I used to go to brunch together every Sunday.  Now that I’m back in Chicago we have resurrected the tradition.  We’ve become pretty serious brunchers.  This past Sunday Danny joined us in our ritual so we took him to one of our preferred locales: Kanela Breakfast Club on Clark.

There are so many reasons I love this place but to name a few:

  • Their juice menu is AMAZING (Seriously the banana + strawberry + orange + honey is genius)
  • The staff is always helpful with recommendations, which seems normal but for an obnoxiously indecisive person like me waiters often run short on patience.
  • And their menu spans from the normal blueberry pancakes to the more fanciful duck confit hash (which is salty breakfast goodness from the gods, I swear).

Anyway this time I went for the Kanela Chip pancakes (aka a cinnabon pancake orgasm) while the boys went for the chorizo and eggs.


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