Typeforce Four Opening in Bridgeport

Last night my friend Laura and I took the 8 bus down to Bridgeport to check out the opening of the 4th annual Typeforce show, or “A Showcase for Typographic All-Stars,” at the Co-Prosperity Sphere.  I love when I get to see graphic design in an exhibit setting like this, since a lot of people dismiss it as not an art, leaving it out of place amongst “real” art.  But it’s becoming more popular, for sure.  A few summers ago Maggie and I saw a screen printing exhibit/demonstration at the MCA Chicago, and in 2011 the Drake Art Department took us to see the Graphic Design: Now in Production exhibition at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis: both of which were really great representations of how graphic design and typography fit in today’s art scene/world.  And Typeforce was a perfect vehicle for allowing designers to show and sell their work in a space wholly their own.  Check it out if you have the time; it is up until the 15th so be quick!


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