NEDAwareness Week 2013

Unless you know someone who’s been affected by an eating disorder you might not know that this week is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2013.  There are many awareness-type things going around the country, and I always like to make this week not only a time to tell some of my friends and peers how these terrible disorders are affecting so many people, not just young women, and what we can do to try to change these circumstances.  However, I also make it my own little personal victory week.  Because part of Eating Disorder is recovery and being at this point after years and years means some celebration. Right? Right.  So this week I’ve taken time each day to dance around to Pixie’s “Ed is Dead,” personifying ED as Ed (it’s a common tool in the ED therapy community) and made some Red Velvet cupcakes, because they’re awesome. Even when from the box.  So cheers to all those in recovery and stay strong to all those still struggling. Keep fighting, stay strong, and you WILL get healthy and WILL be happy.  Trust me, I’ve been there.


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