World On Wheels – Space is the Place

On Saturday, I went to World On Wheels with a group of friends for their monthly Space is the Place roller disco night. I was really excited. Possibly too excited. I may or may not have spent 45 minutes watching YouTube make up tutorials and worn bellbottoms.

Here’s what I thought it would be like as soon as I hit the roller rink:

roll bounce

And here’s what really happened:

jennifer lawrence

ROLLER SKATING IS FUCKING DIFFICULT. I honestly don’t remember it being this hard, but it is. My legs and butt and calves were so sore on Sunday morning, I had to crawl out of bed. It was pretty pathetic.

Other than the whole sucking at skating part, it was actually a lot of fun. I only fell once (and almost fell about ten other times), but it was a really…I don’t know if “cool” is the word, but interesting place. Tons of different people – drunk girls celebrating a birthday, people stuck in the disco age, and, oddly enough, a lot of white bros with dreads – came to get their groove on and skate in circles for several hours. I brought a disposable camera with me, and the picture quality isn’t the greatest, but I was trying to make it an authentic 70s disco night and not take photos on my iPhone:


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