Ma and Danny Visit LA!

I just got back from dropping off my ma and brother Danny (who are, obviously, also Erin’s mother and brother) at LAX (AKA Hell) after a crazy fun weekend. We went hiking at Escondido Falls in Malibu and we couldn’t have picked a better day. Lots of sun, hot girls in yoga pants that made Danny giggle like the 18-year-old boy that he is, and several trips to Target because my mom is crazy in the best way possible and decided I was not living up to real people standards (“What do you mean you don’t have heat?!?”). I could write more, but I am pooped and want to TRY to be productive today, so here are some photos to tell you more about our weekend:

Me and my bro bro Dan. Ma and Danny Ma and me before our crazy hike in Escondido Falls Sleepy Hollow or Malibu? Nature! Decisions Venice Beach Reggae for Kids My mama and me, looking cute with afternoon drinks.


But seriously, go hike Escondido Falls. It was gorgeous and worth all the sweat. Plan your hike here!


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