Love Spells Mixtape

Love Spells

Back in college (God I cringe every time I realize that college is technically behind me and that I am supposed to be something of an adult by now), my roommates David, Jessica, and I would perform “ironic” Wiccan spells before we went out to parties. I put ironic in quotations because even though we were just “having fun” and “lighting candles,” I feel like each of us were still a little serious when we were begging the pagan gods to let us get laid that night.

Performing love spells is fun, whether or not you believe they will actually work. When you think about it, lighting candles and focusing on something (or someone) that you want is really just a form of meditation…or at least that is what I tell myself. So for this Valentine’s Day, whether you are single, spoken for, or pining over an “it’s complicated” situation, perform a love spell. I did a quick google search and found one that doesn’t involve bizarre spices or something you don’t have readily available. It doesn’t call for candles, but I don’t think they ever hurt:

All great Powers that there be
From Fire, Wind, Land and Sea,
Send my own true love to me.
Aphrodite open wide your arms
Make him/her aware of all my charms.
Lips to lips and Heart to heart
May we live with joy and never part.

So mote it be.

Chant this bad boy three times while listening to this mix and true love will come to you. Or something. All you have to do to download the mix is send out a quick tweet or facebook post and voila! The mix is yours. Here is the tracklist:

1.) The Pierces – You’ll Be Mine
2.) My Bloody Valentine – new you
3.) Air – Playground Love
4.) GAYNGS – The Gaudy Side of Town
5.) Black Devil Disco Club – Fuzzy Dream
6.) ceo – White Magic
7.) Gold Panda – You
8.) M83 – Skin of the Night
9.) Handsome Boy Modeling School – I’ve Been Thinking (Feat. Cat Power)
10.) Echo & The Bunnymen – The Killing Moon
11.) Mew – Special
12.) Chromatics – Kill For Love
13.) !!! – Must Be The Moon

Click here to start the initiation download process.

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