Prabal Gurung x Target: West Hollywood Edition

While everyone else was warm in their beds at six thirty yesterday morning, I was speeding down Santa Monica to get to the Target in West Hollywood in order to get in line for the release of the Prabal Gurung for Target fashion line.

Even though I was one of the first people in line (seriously, only three people were crazier than me and got there earlier), it was still….I don’t want to use the word “rough,” but as rough as being completely passive agressive while shopping can be. Some people, known to many as “assholes” did what I call the swoop: they would just take EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF CLOTHING, no matter the size, whether or not they actually liked it, and put it in their cart “just in case” or to try and sell on eBay. I believe there is a special circle in hell for these people.

Luckily (not so lucky for my credit card), I did escape with a few pieces. And new candles. And other things I needed around the house. Target does that. I am most excited about this shirt dress, which I wore today just because I could. I am telling myself that I will not wear all of my new clothes in the next week just because they are new, but we all know that’s a lie. Sorry I am not sorry I will be Target fabulous this week.

Line outside of zee Target.

Selfie of me rocking my favorite purchase, the shirt dress.

Entirely too excited to wear this sweater all of the time.

A bit wrinkled but this looks AMAZING on. Simple. It works.

Killer shoes with Pooks in the background. She approves.

Anybody else get up at the crack of dawn to get cheap designer name clothes? Or is that too simple for the rest of you LA folk?


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