Online Dating: It Works!

First off, I have way too many close friends named Paul. OK, so there are only two, but it is still confusing. They have both been featured in this blog at some point (Paul R. during Hiking in Malibu and Writing in Atwater and Paul H. in Writing in Atwater as well). Tonight I will be focusing on Paul H., whose last name I guess I can reveal considering the name of his YouTube channel is The Paul Hennessy Show.

Anyway, Paul is a funny, funny guy and he has this habit of shooting, cutting, and putting up shorts within a 24 hour time span. He works his ass off….it kind of puts all of the rest of us Hollywood wannabes to shame.

I threw a sort-of idea to him about a Valentine’s Day short, and within a few days, a (somewhat) full idea matured and with the help of Chris and Paul R., we made this monstrosity. Please, PLEASE, let me know your thoughts on this via comments.

Be sure to like The Paul Hennessy Show on Facebook, y’all.


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