Art Nerd: My First Second Friday in Pilsen

First Fridays, Second Fridays, Third Fridays, what?  It took me a solid month and a cycle of these serialized Fridays to get the concept the Chicago galleries got going over here.   Jumping into the flow then, I went down to Pilsen for 2nd Fridays Gallery Night to enjoy the hospitality and current collections of the gallery owners up and down Halsted.

Outside the sidewalks were iced over, leaving much opportunity for me and the other brave women donning heels to fall on our artsy asses.  We didn’t mind though.  Inside the small studios Fountainhead Lofts Arts Building were crowded with people conversing, laughing, and gossiping, filling the air with the sticky warmth of their PBR breath.  But that didn’t bother either.  And even if some people around were acting pretentious or overbearing, it was worth it to discuss where Bryan Sperry could possibly attain all that metal to dress his robot warriors of the future.

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