Writing Parties in Atwater Village

I remember telling my old roommate David that if I were a Greek god or goddess, I would be Dionysus. He told me to shut up because he was watching The Swan Princess. It was a valid point.

Dionysus, for those who aren’t well-versed in Greek mythology, is the god of wine, ritual madness, and ecstasy. Now he wasn’t some crazy party god or demon who made everyone abandon all of their morals and have crazy sex like season two of True Blood or anything like that. He traveled and taught people how to harvest from the vine and was a lover of peace. He wasn’t about doin’ drugz and going cuckoo bananas; he was about bringing people together, you know, like the Beatles or a silly cat video on YouTube.

I like bringing people together. I particularly like playing the role of hostess. A small part of it is sheer laziness and not wanting to go anywhere in order to be social, but I swear a larger part of it is from the genuine joy of knowing I am providing my guests with a good time, or at least a time they don’t totally hate.

As I am a writer, I have writer friends and we try to write when we aren’t going crazy at our assistant jobs at various production companies in Hollywood. Last night was the second time I hosted a writing party, and it isn’t as much of a party as it is a few people sitting around a table, giggling at their own jokes, plotting about karaoke love, and clacking away at their keyboards. After a ten hour work day, it can be hard to convince yourself to work some more and try to do what you really came out here to do: write films, TV, web videos, or even little blurbs of a blog entry. It is nice having people around you who are trying to do the same thing that you are doing. As I have said before, LA can be a pretty lonely place, so it’s nice to have a sense of community, even if it is just you and a few friends drinking wine and writing a first, second, or tenth draft of a screenplay.

Soon to be megastars Paul, Chris, and Paul

Soon to be megastars Paul, Chris, and Paul

This usually helps.


One thought on “Writing Parties in Atwater Village

  1. I wouldn’t mind being invited, but then I’m kind of far away. Being around like minded people sounds good, especially after battling pointlessly with old (or should I say former) friends over gun control on Facebook. I went and deactivated my Facebook account, and I’ve decided to shut up about politics at least for the time being. Just saying that makes me feel good.

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