Jazz in the Alley

It’s an unfortunate habit of mine I’ve developed to compare everything I experience to something relative I experienced while in Florence.  It’s annoying; ask my friends.  But allow me to do it once more; at least since it’s a positive parallel I’m drawing.

I’ll be brief: Two of the main things I enjoyed during my stay in Italy were drinking espresso or wine and going to this rad Jazz Club.  So when my friend Lizzie (note: she’ll probably show up a lot here so get used to her pretty face) asked if I wanted to go to live jazz at The Coffee Alley on Taylor Street the answer was yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

And, okay, I am going to forgo the lyrical description of this place and just say it’s pretty damn cool.  For having just opened late this past December they already have a lot of their shit together.  Here’s a short list of why:

  1. The set-up was conducive to both jamming to the jazz in the back of the house and to casual drinking and conversation in the front of the house.
  2. It’s run by this super cute couple that every successful café should have to create a familial, homey atmosphere.
  3. I’m a sucker for exposed brick and a decent macchiato: they have both.
  4. And BYOB is always a perk for the broke college student!

Sure maybe there are some kinks to work out, like the need for more seating and maybe more comfortable seating at that, but hey that’s not bad.  And sure, Chicago is full of jazz/blues/funk clubs and bars more impressive/legendary/lively than this random coffeehouse in Little Italy, but sometimes the cozy, unknown places are the best for a fully satisfying night.  The type of satisfying you get after a big home cooked meal when you get to unbutton your jeans and breathe a sigh of content.


So check ’em out on their site or facebook page!


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